PRABHA AZOS is an eco-friendly formulation containing Azospirillum, Gram negative free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria which fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to plants. Azospirillum a non symbiotic bacterium contain large amount of lipid granules which enter the cortical cells of the roots and fix up atmospheric nitrogen. Prabha Azos replaces 25-50% of the chemical nitrogen fertilizer application. It also secretes plant hormones & vitamins which help maintenance of balanced nutrients & plant growth and increase crop yield by 15-20%. Prabha Azos is available in liquid, powder and granular formulation. It is suitable to apply for all major crops such as Paddy, sorghum, vegetables, maize, wheat and bajra. Prabha Azos is compatible to be used with other bio-fertilizers.

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